Good old Apple!  Shipped it to me early – will unpack and get familiar with it and start to explore what’s possible.  Watch this space…….

Time to explore…..




The good news first….. and it really is awesome news!  Spoke with the Principal this morning – explained what I wanted to do and after a quick conversation – I got the go ahead to purchase an iPad 2.  The only concern that my Principal had was that the first generation of iPad looked a little limited at times – I quickly filled him in on the new features of the iPad 2 and how I planned to use it within my teaching and learning programmes.  VERY excited – and great to have a boss who is forward thinking and supportive of new technologies in the classroom.


The bad news…… and it is bad!  I ran off from the meeting ready to purchase the iPad 2.  Guess what?, yep, no iPad 2’s in New Zealand at the moment!!!  I tried all major stores in Auckland and also Yoobee, the closest we’ve got to an Apple store.  All suppliers gave me the same time-frame 4 to 6 weeks.  How frustrating!!  So, got on the Apple store and purchased direct – have been given a delivery time of 4 weeks – gets to me on the 11th May 2011.  I’m sooo bad at waiting…….  Gives me more time to research and plan I guess!


How fast will 4 weeks go……




I guess the first step is to actually get my hands on an iPad!  Need to plan this weekend and come up with a good proposal for my Principal – hopefully he’ll share my vision and purchase one for me!?


Thinking of using the iPad with my Yr13 Sports Leadership class.  This course attracts STAR funding so I might be able to pursue the purchase of the iPad through this?  Numerous Unit Standards that could benefit from the use of Apps – need to alignment my teaching content and learning intentions with the Apps on offer.


This is what I need!  Currently $799 in the Apple Store for the 16GB Wi-Fi only model.  Did see it for $796 at JB-HiFi too.