• iMuscle app
  • Navy Seal Fitness app
  • Skeletal 3D Anatomy app

iMuscle – NZ$6.49

Ability to view muscle in 3D and rotate them 360 degrees.  Ability to zoom in to identify any exterior muscle or muscle group.  Dual index that can search for both individual muscles and particular exercises.  Over 450 hi-quality 3D animated exercises and stretches.  Hints and tips for every exercise.  Ability to create custom work-outs.  Ability to add multiple-users.

NCEA PE uses – AS 3.1 training programmes, AS 3.3 biomechanics


Navy Seal Fitness – NZ$2.59

Superb reference guide to fitness, topics include:  Overview of physical fitness, Exercise physiology, Muscle structure and Function, Principles of physical training, Specificity of training, Determining your training heart rate, Energy systems used by exercising muscle, Lactic acid and ATP-CP system for anaerobic work, Methods of physical training, Cardiorespiratory conditioning, Strength training, Flexibility training, Calisthenics, Plyometrics, Anatomical terms and diagrams.

NCEA PE uses – AS 3.1 training programmes


Skeletal 3D Anatomy – NZ$1.29

A medical application to show the 206 bones in the human body, each category of bones, and every human bone, which separately can be seen in 3D, and manipulated with a finger and rotate in all directions. All full 3D Human Skeletal, Full 3D each 206 bones category and each bone to rotate, Full 3D ( skull, chest, pelvis, arms, legs, etc ), All 3D can be Zoom ( in / out ) and can be rotated in all directions with a finger.

NCEA PE uses – AS 3.1 training programmes, AS 3.3 biomechanics



  • iPod functionality
  • HD camera & mic
  • Garageband – podcasting
  • Splashtop – remote desktop
  • iTap RDP – remote desktop
  • iPhone 4 Wireless Hot Spot
  • Dropbox

IPOD FUNCTION  Great to get all your music synced via iTunes with the iPad.  Easy to connect with a stereo system – all you need is a 3.5mm audio jack and you’re ready to go.  Have used it to provide music for fitness sessions and have also played the Multi Stage fitness test through it too.

HD CAMERA/MIC  Huge potential to use the camera and mic on the iPad 2.  It really is up to your own creativity how you use it.  Skype, video conference, movement analysis, student interviews…….  The camera on the rear is HD and takes great still or moving images.

GARAGEBAND  Using this funky app, you’re able to create a podcast really easily on the go.  Save the audio file to the iPad, or email the file to yourself.  Open in Garageband on your Mac and you’re ready to upload to iWeb, iTunes or podcasting host sites.

SPLASHTOP  Great app for mirroring your desktop across the same local wireless network.  My Windows laptop can sit in the office all day – and the iPad will remotely display my desktop and allow me access full functionality.  Including displaying flash based websites and games!

ITAP RDP  A top end business solution for remote desktop access from anywhere in the world.  A little expensive at NZ$15.99, but really worth it.

IPHONE 4 HOTSPOT  Just discovered this little gem.  You can activate the Hot Spot feature on the iPhone 4 and turn it into a wireless beacon.  The iPad can then detect the wireless signal and connect to the internet anywhere you have cell phone reception – very neat!

DROPBOX  Free 2GB of cloud storage – put a dropbox account on all your devices/machines and it will sync them all.  Work on a file at home – it appears in your dropbox at school.  Create links to files that students can also access too 24/7.


  • Benefits of the ipad 2 for all teachers
  • iCal app and MobileMe
  • Teaching weekly planner
  • Notes app – to do lists, memo’s
  • Contacts and email – pushed
  • Keynote – presentation power-horse!
  • Attendance – electronic rolls
  • Paperless teaching

iCAL  Organise your day, week, month, year!  Free app that comes pre-installed, very useful for all teachers.  Plan your teaching week, add meetings and fixtures – it can also create to do lists.  Get a MobileMe account and you’re in-sync with your laptap, iPad, iPhone and iMac!

ATTENDANCE  Attendance App – bye, bye to paper rolls!  $6.50NZ for an awesome app that easily accepts CSV files of all your rolls.  Take your roll with your finger!  It will then effortlessly create and email you stats and reports based on the student attendance data.

KEYNOTE  Keynote App – Presentation power horse, without loads of cables and battery packs.  $14.00NZ and worth every cent!  Convert your old Windows PowerPoint presentations, import them into Keynote for an easy display on the big screen.  You can also easily create and edit presentation on the iPad.

EMAIL & CONTACTS  “Pushed” from the main school exchange server.  Be in regularly contact with all your school email and contacts – if you want to be…..



  • Podcasting possibilities with the iPad 2
  • Design features
  • Multi iOS device sync with iTunes
  • Apple Smart Cover
  • Extreme Mac case
  • VGA and HDMI adapters
  • Bargain at Dick Smith Electronics!
  • Initial thoughts and possibilities…….



IPAD 2  Totally beautiful – classic Apple design and engineering.  Very thin, light-weight, fast processor and stunning screen.  This is the basic model, 16GB Wi-Fi only.  NZ$799.00 – after GST is removed the real cost to the faculty is NZ$680.00.  Superb value!

APPLE SMART COVER  A little pricey – but worth it.  Adds very little to the overall thickness of the iPad 2 when applied.  Clips on with magnets, acts as a cover and also a stand – very ingenious design.  NZ$100.00

EXTREME MAC CASE  Great little case – well padded and lined with a soft fabric.  Only NZ$42.00 and worth every cent.  The iPad 2 is going to get a lot of use/abuse this year – it needs some protection as it travels throughout my day.

VGA and HDMI ADAPTERS  Essential bits of kit!  The VGA adapter (on the right) is a simple plug and play connector to any VGA data projector – it instantly appears and mirrors exactly what’s happening on the iPad screen to the rest of the class in realtime.  The HDMI cable (on the left) allows for connection to a HDTV and also a charging cable too if needed.  Resolution and picture quality is awesome!