• Audacity
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Any Video Converter
  • GarageBand
  • Podbean
  • iTunes Store

A quick guide to podcasting using the iPad 2.  It used to be such a long winded procedure using Windows and shareware software to produce a podcast; now it’s a breeze!  I look at the differences between what I used to do with my Windows laptop and now what I do with the iPad 2.  The process has become so easy, that letting students take the iPad and record their own podcasts is so simplistic and very engaging.

Garageband does it all for you – you don’t need any experience at all – the students have really enjoyed putting these together.  I recommend as a free podcast hosting site  ( and from there you can also link your podcasts to the iTunes store (  Students have really enjoyed seeing/hearing their work on the iTunes store – “very cool”.

Give it a go – don’t worry about fancy jingles and editing – just go for it and enjoy the experience!



V1 Golf – NZ$6.49


*Record directly from the iPad 2

*Trim, Edit Video

*Playback in Slow-mo, frame-by frame


*Split-Screen Swing Analysis 

*Flip/Mirror, Zoom, Overlay Swings

*Tour Pro Swing Library (300fps)

*Full Suite of Analysis Tools


*Email Screenshot of analysis

*Access to drills and tips from V1 instructors

NCEA PE uses:  AS 3.3 movement analysis, biomechanics.  Doesn’t have to be golf – would work for any sport.



Burst Mode – NZ$2.59

Grab hundreds of snapshots at a blazing rate of 24 frames per second!!!Analyze frame by frame any fast event like your golf swing or your tennis backhand or simply use it to select the best shot of an unforgettable moment.  After your burst session, use the thumbnails view to easily scroll through your frames, identify the interesting regions and select/save/delete exactly what you want.

NCEA PE uses: AS 3.3 movement analysis, biomechanics.  



  • Beep Test Team Trainer
  • Fitness for iPad
  • Super Bodies

Beep Test Team Trainer – NZ$5.29

Add and test mulitple people.  The training tab enables starting at and repeating any stage.  Simple to use and effective beep test testing with your choice of standard timings.  Professional voice advising each stage and marker.  Professional audio beep on marker change and triple beep on stage change.  Play Ipod music during beep test.  Automatically determines your aerobic capacity and specific fitness level based on your age and sex.  Colour coded results log and graph.

NCEA PE uses – AS 3.1 training programmes, fitness testing, components of fitness.


Fitness for iPad – NZ$4.19

700+ exercises for men and women & 50 YOGA poses with video and audio instructions!  Calorie Counter, Body Tracker & BMI 40 ready-made workouts, 4 modes of workout program selection + LIVE-support from professional coaches.

NCEA PE uses – AS 3.1 training programmes


Super Bodies – NZ$2.59

Get ready to discover how much velocity, precision and sheer strength it takes to reach the pinnacle of the sporting world! With the SuperBodies app, you control and navigate the camera pod through the body of the world’s greatest athletes by dragging your finger or tilting the device.  With cutting-edge 3D animation and original videos, the SuperBodies app allows users in a game play format to peel away the human skin to reveal what truly happens on the inside when star athletes perform.

NCEA PE uses – AS 3.1 physiology