Create mobile apps for your students!

Firstly, this comes with a warning….. it’s so addictive!  Since discovering this site I’ve created mobile apps for my school and also for my students.  Get yourself to – it’s the future!!  You need a little tech knowledge – but not a lot.  Have a play, it’s a lot of fun and best of all FREE!

Check out my apps I’ve created for Pakuranga College; “PakZone” in the iTunes app store and “PakColl” on Google Play – publishing to these platforms is a little more involved and can get rather technical (especially iOS).


However, if you’re just starting out have a go at creating a “web app” – it’s free and runs on iOS and Android.  Below is a mock-up of an app I’ve put together for my Yr13 Sports Leadership class.  Try it, go to on your phone and have a play!