Create your own eBooks for FREE!

Recently came across this – and it’s a little gem!  Using Wikipedia you can create your very own eBook on any topic in less than 2 minutes!!  Obviously, it’s far from a personalised resource – however, for those who crave the “content anchor” in their subject areas it’s pretty neat.

Head off to Wikipedia and look for “Print/Export” in the menu column on the left.


Select Print/Export and then select, “create a book” – the Book Creator window will open, click on “Start Book Creator”;


This will keep the Book Creator open whilst you head off and search for your topic.  I’m going to create my eBook on Nuclear Physics!  No idea what this is, but it sounds good!!  Type your topic into the the search field (top right) and add your page to your book;


You can then click on “Suggested Pages” – these are related topics that will appear as chapters in your eBook.  Then click on “Show Book” and add your title;


Then download your book – either as a PDF, ePUB file or Word document – then save to your device and distribute freely!  Simple as that – in less than 2 minutes I’ve created an eBook on my topic of choice, with pictures/graphics and a contents page, with references and links.  All supported under a Creative Commons license – copyright free.

If you’re interested, you can check out and download my new eBook on Nuclear Physics here! – Nuclear Physics


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