A Week With A Chromebook …

WOW – yep, I’m sold on this!  What a great device – heard about them, read about them … and finally got my hands on one….


The Samsung Chromebook – launched in the US and UK (now available in a few more countries) – but not in New Zealand!  I had to purchase it on Amazon (US) and get it shipped to NZ using a NZ PostShop service called YouShop which provides you with a US delivery address and then ships it out to you in NZ once you’ve made payment for postage.

All up I paid NZ$311.00 for the Chromebook – plus $60 postage.  No duty or GST to pay.  Delivered in a week from ordering to my door for NZ$371.00 – TOTAL BARGAIN!

This thing is great;

  • Light weight
  • Silent operation (no fans)
  • Runs cool – doesn’t get hot
  • Boots from fresh in less than 9 seconds
  • Instant on/off if you close the lid
  • 7 hours of battery life
  • Fast operating system (Chrome)
  • Great screen 11.6″
  • Lovely keyboard (very Mac like)
  • Large track pad
  • No software to purchase (all FREE web apps)
  • Automatically updates over wifi
  • No issues with viruses
  • Built-in Webcam and mic
  • 2 x USB (one is 3.0)
  • 1 x HDMI – looks awesome on my HDTV
  • SD card slot
  • Love it!


When you first boot it up, there’s no setup to go through.  Just input your Google account details and password and BOOM – you’re in.  It grabs your chrome bookmarks, links to your Google Drive (and gives you a whooping 100GB of free storage!).  No software to purchase or download – just head off to the Chrome Web Store and select your FREE apps.  I’ve added;

  • Chrome web browser
  • Gmail
  • Google search
  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Skydrive
  • Google maps
  • Hotmail
  • and shed loads more!!!

There really is a web app for most applications.  The only exception at this stage that has left me lost is the lack of a Skype web app – yep you can use Google hangouts, but Skype is my main video connection with mates/family.


It just works…. plugged my Logitech Z5 USB speakers into the Chromebook – BOOM – no software to configure or download – they just work.  Plugged the HDMI into my TV and it worked – perfectly, no mucking around with settings.

I really like it – so far I’ve been able to complete all tasks (except Skype) on this device; including this blog post!  I think that this could be a great student device – fast, low cost and it doesn’t have any of the iPad java/flash issues – all websites load and work just fine.  Highly recommend that you have a play with one of these … it could be the future 🙂